Offers On Food At Rude, Every Foodie Should Know

Okay, so every other day for all of us is a ‘Tricky Tuesday’ or a ‘Freaky Friday,’ but that’s all about our favourite Talli-side of the day, but what about all about those delicious mouth-watering deals we have for you on food?

Don’t really know all the offers yet? Worry not, for this blog right here is going to get you well-versed with the best food offers in town that’s going to make you the ultimate Rude-Food Guru!

Let’s get down to business, shall we?


  • Remember that coloured shiny card in your purse/wallet? Yes, that one, right beside your credit card. That’s the RU-DEserve card. This card doesn’t just exist to gather up your points and give you great offers in return for them; this special card even gives you a flat 20% Discount on food every Tuesday! Card members, are you listening?



  • Is your company listed with Rude Lounge? If it isn’t already, get moving and register now! You get a hot 30% Discount on Lunch at Rude! That’s your mid-day stressbuster break, right here!


  • If lunch isn’t the only fancy of yours, then we have something more in store for you! Getting your corporate company listed with us will also give a ‘no-questions-asked’ 15% Discount on food on your every visit!



  • How about sizzling Sundays? Don’t you know what the day is names after? SIZZLERS! Get them 1+1 spiced, steaming and delightful sizzlers every Sunday, all day long! Wow! You get 2 Sizzlers, for the price of one!



  • Don’t let a dry day spoil your mood because Rude has a trick up its sleeve to spoil your bad mood! Grab an exotic 30% Discount on food every DRY Day! The day doesn’t sound all that dry now, does it?


  • We have saved the best for the last! *Drum-rolls please!* Enjoy the very exciting and sinfully delicious RUDE Lunch Buffet at just INR 399/-!



Now, who is hungry?

Call 9833098330 to book your table. |

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Team rude


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